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Nail Screw carton automatic packing machine

Product Description

screw carton box packing machine

screw carton box packer

  • PLC control system, servo motor for film drawing, low noise, stable operation / PLC control system with touch screen, simple and convenient operation

  • End seal incision: automatically cut the bag mouth to ensure that the bag mouth is flat and beautiful

  • Bag maker is responsible for making film into bags.

  • Discharge conveyor: effectively transport particles from the vibrating disk to the packaging port.

  • Vibrating disk: it drives parts positioning measurement or optical fiber measurement through vibration, and the measurement is accurate.

  • The touch screen can store a variety of formula parameters, which is convenient when changing the packaging method

  • The equipment has a fault display system, which automatically displays the fault position in case of fault

  • Equipped with safety protection, compound enterprise safety management requirements

  • Intermittent mode, intelligent heat transfer coding, which is used with the packaging machine. The coding is stable, the printing effect is good, and the coding effect is clear and firm. It has strong compatibility, Chinese and English fonts, various formats, dates, various variables, automatically generates serial numbers, and can code barcodes, QR codes, images, and tables.

  • 304 stainless steel is used, and the dust-proof  reaches IP64 level

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