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automatic fastener screw sorting and packaging machine

Product Description

automatic fastener screw sorting and packaging machine

automatic fastener sorter and packager

fastener sorter and packager

Technical features of automatic fastener sorting and bag packaging machine:

1. High speed+two vibrating discs + two hoppers + double slides

2. Accurate counting, optical fiber counting

3. Bipolar control, covering speed and packaging accuracy

4. Precise,stable and durable

5. Excellent human-computer communication, and easy for operation

Fastener sorter and packager parameters:

  • Size: 1000*1200*2000

  • Voltage: 220V power: 1.5kw

  • Weight: 100kg

  • Speed: 15-45 bags/min

  • Sealing methods: three side seal, four side seal and back seal

  • Packaging parts: screws, nuts, gaskets, hardware accessories, plastic parts, irregular small objects

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